Fishing boat element
  • Food / Drink (No Glass)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Light Foot Wear
  • Cold Water
  • Bait
  • All Top Quality Rods Reels and Tackle
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Tuition on Catching Fish in the Harbour
  • Food Supplied on Full Day Charters. Food can be supplied on Half Day Charters for Additional Cost.

Due to our extremely short travel times, you’ll usually be fishing within 20 minutes. Unlike other fishing charters you don’t need to travel hours in the boat before actually getting a line wet, there are many great fishing spots right here in Darwin Harbour.

Over 30 different kinds of fish can be caught in the Darwin Harbour depending on the fishing area.

Reef fishing : Golden Snapper, Jew Fish, Saddle Tailed Snapper, Strippies, Easturian Rock Cod, Painted Sweet Lip, Tusk Fish(Blue Bone)

Pelagic Fish: Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Tuna, Queen Fish, Cobia, Trevally(golden / giant)

Mudflat/Estuary Fish: Mangrove Jack, Blue Salmon, Bream, Barramundi, Mud Crabs, Blue Swimmer Crabs, Flat-heads.

Definitely not. Our experienced guides can assist you.

All quality fishing gear is supplied.

We supply water for free and soft drinks at $2.00.

Two passengers are our minimum numbers.

Bait fishing, pilchards and squid or live bait.

Mud crabs and Blue swimmers.

You can park in the car park on the left just as you come onto the wharf.

We have a family fun pack for families to get together and go out fishing. They will have to be supervised by parents or guardians. Children are the future in fishing so we encourage children to come and enjoy the sport.

8.00am and 1:00pm

Pay with credit card  online or over the phone or cash on the boat with a bank deposit payment.

No we do not have a toilet on board.

Our boats depart from the Stokes Hill Wharf Dock 2.

Yes we do have bag limits we must follow the rules set by the Fisheries Department.

All fishing equipment, bait, ice, water and sun screen lotion.

Unfortunately we have no control over who gets sick and who doesn’t. Precautions can be taken to reduce the chance though. Seasick tablets (a few hours before) magnets and ginger are some of the remedies. Refraining from a big night at the pub prior to your charter is also a good idea.

No guarantees can be given that every charter will be a successful one.
What we can guarantee is that we will work as hard as we can to find fish and will also provide you with a quality of service second to none.

The catch is usually divided evenly. In the case of larger or trophy fish these are kept by the angler who caught them.

Smoking is permitted on the front bow of the boat.

Yes, in moderation and cans only! NO GLASS

We will contact you the day before to cancel the charter. If the trip is cancelled due to rough weather i.e. 25/30 knot wind warning you are either rebooked for a later date or your money is refunded.  If it is not safe to go to sea we do not go so if you are here on holidays you are better off booking your fishing trip at the start of your holiday. We do not generally cancel rainy days as the boat is covered so you can keep out of the rain or sun.

Depending on the tides, the guide will travel to the best places. He knows the harbour in and out.